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I am neurotic

Not really.


This is a great new website – whoever reads my blog (which I’m pretty sure is a grand total of 1) should check it out. Especially all the neurotic people. You will really relate =P

This is as good of a time waster as Texts From Last Night or F-My Life


Here we go…

Hey everybody! Well, as of now there is no “everybody” because I just made this thing a couple of minutes ago – but hopefully, there will be soon.

Anyways, my reason for making this blog is to get out everything I want to say. A lot of things in the world intrigue me, anger me, and make me laugh, and I am sure that they will continue to do so. That brings us to the title – because the world around us never stops, my blog won’t either.

By everything, I really do mean anything. Politics. Economics. School. New York. Music. Pictures. Cartoons. Anything.


P.S. I love taking pictures so you may see some posted – maybe you love them, maybe you don’t. Whatever the case is, I would love any feedback.