Bucket List

There are many things I want to do in life – hopefully this helps me keep track of them. Some of them might be absolutely ridiculous but that is fine by me. If you all have anything more I should add, in all seriousness, please do let me know!

Travel to every single country in the world
Learn how to cook and bake really well
Become an expect at various instruments
Read Ulysses without throwing it against a wall
Have something published in a major newspaper / magazine
Drive coast to coast
Win a game of pool (it is REALLY tough)
Hold a conversation on any topic
Actually build a passion for sports besides just tennis
Publish a photograph in some respectable outlet
Start a company – any kind of company
Get to the roof of Gasson
Visit all the wonders of the world
Learn a language that is not from India / not Latin
Climb a mountain – ideally Mt. Everest, but Kilimanjaro will do
Write a book
Own a dog
Take up some form of dancing
Go backpacking through every single continent (not Antarctica)
Build a computer from scratch
Visit all 50 US States
Learn how to fence
Dive in a Submarine
Stay in an Underwater Hotel
Break a Guinness Book World Record
Learn how to juggle
Solve the Rubix Cube
Restore a classic car
Learn how to mix drinks
Watch the AFI’s 100 Funniest Movies
Watch every Academy Award “Best Picture”
Buy a boat / Bentley
Learn to say hello in 50 different languages
Build a Jazz and Classical Music library
Attend Carnival, Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, and more

I am sure that when I complete one item on this list, I will be adding 5 more. Regardless, I have a long life ahead of me – shouldn’t be too difficult to do all this and a lot more.


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