Hey! My name is Tej Mehta and I am a sophomore at Boston College. I actually started this blog all the way back before senior year of college because I thought it would be cool (and of course, sadly, to try and write some things so spectacular that colleges would have to accept me). Unfortunately, in the nervous anticipation of high school coming to an end, the excitement of beginning a new life in college, and of course, the fun that both these years bring, the posting ceased.

However – I believe that it is the right time to start again. One year of college has passed and I have learned so much. In fact, after the wealth of experiences I gained just through freshman year of college, I am sure that the next three years will have a lot more to offer me intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

As I said in my first post that fateful day a few years ago – the world around us never stops moving; neither will my blog. And this time…….I mean it.


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