Blackberry vs. iPhone

So before I go on, I do realize that this is a very generic topic – almost every blog on the internet has some article or another comparing the two devices. Okay fine, maybe I’m exaggerating, but still – its a pretty big topic, right? So here I go…

Honestly, after using both devices extensively (my Blackberry Bold and my mom’s iPhone), I have come to a conclusion: both devices are really, really good. Before you all start yelling and call this a cop-out, just hear me out! Both phones are meant for people with different interests – so before people go out and buy either, they really should figure out what their priorities are.

These are the people who should get a Blackberry: people who want a tactile keyboard, people who want the free and fast Blackberry Messenger, people who don’t really care about browsing, and people who don’t really care about the butt-load of applications that Apple offers.

These are the people who should get an iPhone: people who really need a beautiful looking browser, people who need the ridiculous amounts of apps from Apple, people who wanna play really good games, and people who don’t care about losing a tactile keyboard.

Face it, the Blackberry is a work phone and the iPhone is a fun phone. The iPhone CAN be used as a work phone, but the Blackberry does not have too much fun involved with it – the only thing, once again, is BBM. The iPhone has begun to release some apps that allow free iPhone to iPhone messaging – however, its going to take too long before this takes off, since most people looking for messaging have already hooked onto Blackberry Messenger.

Plus, who really uses the iPhone upto its full capacity? Many people don’t have time to fiddle around with the thousands of apps, and others may not want to spend money, even if only a few dollars, behind their phone (the data services alone are way too expensive). My suggestion is to actually get a Blackberry and then an iPod Touch – you get the advantage of a full keyboard and BBM and get all of the iPhone’s apps too! It’s a win-win situation – also, trusting an iPhone now, with the abhorrent state of the iPhone 4, is a very risky move.

However, the Blackberry DEFINITELY has its shortcomings – for one, RIM really needs to update its browsers. Why is it so difficult for them? This is where the iPhone wins HANDS DOWN – its browser is superb, and is pretty much just like browsing on a computer.

So here we go – my final verdict. Blackberry wins – the keyboard and BBM outweighs the ridiculous amount of useless iPhone apps anyday. The iPhone does come close because of the beautiful browser, but for me, BBM and the keyboard win.

Everybody who’s undecided, just go out and get a Blackberry and an iPod Touch (if you can afford it, obviously).

So yeah —– go Blackberry!


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